Onslaught: Earth

Session 2
Session 2

As our story continues David Keller continues helping the woman with her pregnancy. Randy and five other men begin heading towards our residential area on bunker hill drive to the north east. At the same time nothing has been heard back from the two men sent to the hospital. Lt. Leonard Bullock character searches some of the nearby houses for supplies. As one home is approached they see a person with their back to the window sitting in a chair. Bullock and his men enter the abode to find that the man has killed himself.

Don’s character’s blackhawk helicopter crashed near the hospital. Upon awakening from the shock James find that his copilot and gunner are both dead. sgt Jensen notices the downed blackhawk in the distance and investigates. There sgt jensen meets james knight. They continue moving to the house. The baby continues to be born. An alien ship passes over the hospital. It appears to be doing some sort of search pattern. As it passes over the mall area shots ring out against it. The ship returns fire against the mall, destroying the attackers. The alien craft continues its pattern firing at different buildings from time to time. It is difficult to tell what is happening, but it is not good.

Back at the house there appears to be an alien creature moving down the street going door to door. As it moves down to our house the men open fire. It appears to take cover after being hit. Some men think it may have a shield. It retreats into the next door house. The soldiers go into the house and toss grenades at it. The

Sgt. Jensen enters his home to find a shotgun leveled at his face. Dodging behind a counter just in time as the gun goes off Jensen manages to miss disaster. As the shotgun wielder rounds the corner Jensen rifle butts him. The man turns out to be John Young Jensen’s neighbor and Vietnam veteran. Young is experiences shellshock and thinks he is back in Vietnam. Jensen subdues Young and continues his search. Jensen finds his wife Sarah shot in the upstairs closet. She is alive, but hurt badly and bleeding. All of this continues with the ever mounting threat of Aliens searching the neighborhood on hover vehicles. They are able to get her back together and search for a vehicle to get her back.

Jensen finds a van and they load the equipment and Sarah into the vehicle. While driving back towards the others an alien craft passes in their general direction. Knight turns off the lights and slows down. The alien craft does not spot them and continues on to the north. After it goes on Knight uses his driving skills weaving in and out of the traffic of destroyed and abandoned vehicles; barely slowing down.

Bullock orders his men to search the wreckage of the home. They find the body of the now dead alien. Its arm appears to be weapon.

It seemed that all hope was lost for Sarah, but there was one match. After a MacGyver like transfusion setup David Keller is able to stabilizer her and bring her back from the brink of death. The baby is delivered and Theresa names the baby kellen.

A preliminary analysis of the alien body finds that nitrogen (or liquid nitrogen) appears to burn them for some reason.

We find a car radio that says congress is debating the use of nuclear strikes against the alien invaders. President is dead, and the speaker and congressmen are now in a bunker and running the country.

Small units are sent on patrols to find more supplies. They return with a medical Humvee and a few more civilians. This radio relays that there are pockets all around fort benning and they are moving 100 personnel to the airfield.

Our group is able to link up with a colonel and approximately 100 trainees. We are able to link up and bring them back to our location.

Our group that went to Columbus comes back. The corporal is injured. There was a dispute between some business owners and looters. the corporal tried to calm the situation, but was shot four times. he is badly wounded. He is stabilized, but looking good. However, they do return with the business owners and David Keller’s Wife Heidi.

Begin dissecting the alien. the bone structure is similar in shape, but the bones themself are very flexible due to being somewhat hollow. the closest earth comparison would be birds. very light for being 8 foot tall. on interior of bones a silver whitish paste, looks metallic. very similar to silicone. they have two sets of lungs for separate use. something on back of neck is lacking a dotted grid. over the rest of the body is a husk like grid. The skin on the back of the neck ruptures in and a circular bone with notches is within. The bone seemed like it tried to grab at my finger. The gun is biomechanical.

Randy gets a message going, they attack and make a giant crater. we travel south. nuke goes off. wind northeast so no fallout.

to south sky is black with helicopters and we head that way.

Session 1

Session 1:

Since two players made fast heroes with a military background and one player made a smart hero with medical emergency, I decided to start the game off with them all together at one place: Fort Benning, GA.

The two fast heroes begin as Army Rangers (SFC Everett Jensen and 1st Lt. Leonard Bullock) conducting a training mission. The smart hero (David Keller) has been contracted out by the military to help the unit’s upcoming deployment as both extra medic as well as a linguist.

As the fast heroes conduct reactive fire drills and the smart hero sets up a soldier’s I-V, they notice strange red and purple lights coming from the Northeast sky. These lights appear to happen as does lightning in a coming storm, but there is no thunder. Then the captain of the unit receives a radio transmission to endex and bring his men back to the company area immediately.

When they get back to the company area, they realize that major cities and military installations of the world have been attacked by alien invaders. Fearing Fort Benning will also be attacked, they gear up and hunker down expecting the worst. Indeed, soon after, it seems the aliens have sent some sort of light scout element to test the fort.

The aliens begin a light bombardment of the installation, using very small, two-seater aerial vehicles. Despite the small size of these crafts, they are very formidable – being able to intercept a pair of F-16s. A few of the soldiers serving under Bullock and Jensen are able to destroy one of these crafts with stinger missles. Unfortunately, their success is short lived, as alien reinforcements take notice of their location and begin a direct assault of their company area.

Out-gunned, the company is directed to fall back to an underground bunker about 300 meters away. During this movement, many of the soldiers are KIA. Additionally, the heroes see first hand just how tough the aliens are “mano y mano” as a single alien jumps from one of the aircraft to chase after the men on foot. Bullock is able to hit the alien directly with a 40mm grenade launched from a M-32 grenade launcher, and it barely phases the creature, forcing it to merely take a step backwards. In retaliation, the alien lifts up its arm (which appears to have some sort of weapon wired directly into it) and fires a red/purple bolt of energy at the bunker. The heroes are barely able to make it inside before the projectile collapses the door behind them.

Safely inside the bunker, the men begin to tend to the wounded. The “doc,” Keller begins a 3 hour stint of stitching up the soldiers. Bullock tries to fix the Captain’s radio – but to no avail as it breaks further instead. Jensen has 3 men assist the doc and another 3 begin to look for an alternate way out. The sounds of bombardment and fighting continue outside. After the 3 hours of downtime, the men pick up and head out via a water runoff tunnel.

After 20 minutes of walking, the sounds of battle eerily cease all at once. After 40 minutes of walking, the soldiers see an access point to exit the tunnel. Now 7pm, the access point reveals a dark street within a housing section of the fort. The electricity appears to be out. They stealthily exit the tunnel and briefly look around to determine how safe it may or may not be. They notice that the air smells of smoke and they can see massive fires burning in the direction of the Martin Hospital and the commissary. Then, from the corner of his eye, Bullock notices movement from one of the nearby houses and immediately signals the men to be still. They investigate the movement carefully, but then realize it was only shadows caused by a flickering candle light from within one of the houses.

Jensen and Bullock walk to the door and knock on it to see if everyone is ok. A young pregnant woman answers the door. After a brief conversation, the heroes realize that this woman will be going into labor very soon. They decide its best to pull security on this house and have Keller help deliver the baby. Running low on supplies, Keller makes a list of items that he will need to help deliver the child. Bullock sends a squad of men to the apparently half burning/destroyed hospital to recover what they can. Meanwhile, Jensen uses the woman’s cell phone to try to contact his scattered soldiers as well as his family. After ten minutes, he has not gotten any response.


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