Onslaught Earth

This campaign is focused on bringing some of the best themes of a torn, post-apocalyptic world. The game begins before any disasters occur, to help build the characters’ background. They will experience life as it goes on today-wake up, clean up, go to work, drive home in traffic, relax in front of the tv with the family. Then, however, all the simple little pleasures (and even needs) we take for granted will be ripped away by an ONSLAUGHT of tragic events. Life as we knew it, will cease to exist. Technology lost, countless dead, disease outbreaks, scarce food, ruthless militias/warlords will be just some of the things the characters will have to deal with – all the while try to hang on to what humanity they have left.

Will they survive the Onslaught?

Onslaught: Earth

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